Middle-East & Asia

News about Middle East and Asia. Click on an article, should you desire to read it. 
  • Toward a Showdown in Iran August 23th (Wednesday): How can we be sure of what will happen in Iran? Or what role the USA are willing to play?
  • South Korea’s Path – July 27th (Friday): What are South Korean true intentions?
  • North Korea Nuclear Threat – June 27th (Wednesday): How can the world handle the nuclear issue in North Korea?
  • Gaza’s LegacyJune 23rd (Saturday): Is there a plausible solution for Gaza?
  • China on the SpotJune 21st (Thursday): What will happen with China in the foreseenable future?
  • The Turkish Issue – June 9th (Saturday): Should religion influence how the government works? Be aware of the latest news about the dispute of secularism and islamism in Turkey.
  • Six-Day War – 40 years of tension – June 7th (Thursday):  A clear analysis of the current situation in Israel and its neighbours, and how the Six-Day War has influenced it.
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