Posted by: moeda | October 13, 2007

The moral bowsprit: a senator in Brazil

It may be an uphill to try on new perspectives over the morality in the historical line of Brazilian people. Although some have to think about out of the box, or rather, inside it. In the couple of the past weeks, Brazilians have yield to news like no others. An overwhelming array of headlines brings to the public’s eyes the mischievous issue that nobody, if patriotic, want to wait for. Renan Calheiros, a senator and a great politician in Alagoas, one of  the states of Brazil, vent his spleen on that institution. Battered by roguish accusation of cheating too much, his inequities was discovered by magazines. 

The heyday was in 11 October, when he  takes a license to be far, for a while, from the senate. Calheiros was skewered in during yet largest months, which made him seem unabashed and owner of a handful of power on one hand, and on the other arrogant and owner of depravity and a disposable morality. To discuss that, so to start with, a line is a merciless road.  Calheiros is civilian from Alagoas, a state from which some of some stars in Brazil’s early political lifetime came, like Heloisa Helena, Collor, and himself.  

Heloisa Helena was a former, too, candidate in the presidential running in 2006. Great voice, poor mind, a lot of elusive theories about state, these were the curriculum which cause her to perform a scarecrow of a communist party. Collor, in his improper turn, is well known as the first president to crudely suffer an impeachment process, turgid with faults, flattery, and so forth. Both have power and influence there. Calheiros, therefore or not, outperform them, as seen by the magazines. There is a moat between the morality of law, which predicts things in no accordance with people, and the normal Brazilian morality, regarded as tolerant and quite distant from law. 

It is undoubtedly believable that Brazil begs for a reform not only in its revenue and budget but also in its sense of duties, morality or simply culture in order to put together its moral standard and its spirit of law, and self-respect. Why not?   

Gabriel Raposo Steinbach


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