Posted by: moeda | September 18, 2007

Middle East: the hazardous hope of the fundamentalism

There are many lines of forces counteracting the unflappable presidents in the Middle East. Sown by great states around –Russia, European Union, and across the world China and the USA–, the population have pointedly pull down all stab at influencing them in an uphill tactical of cultural defense. It is well known that the Middle East was the place where a large field of social fabric are cross and to some extent cut itself across. However, they go on doing their routine practices, spilling relentless methods of interpreting our Western world, although any other country have bowed to at least a half of the same foreign pressure. 

What make them, however embattled they are, seem so querulous? Arguably, such answer will not be found here, but the ‘nature’ of their culture, which thus far  riddle with bullets the western values and otherwise crown themselves’. In the human being history, all type of society sought to shield from innovation its functional structure of production, the economy basin, as impossible as it was, and its tenets that cause them to believe to survive against the power’s nature. So, Middle East is doing well with respect to that struggle. Within a momentum of not defending but attacking, the fundamentalism was created so as to give them a new hazardous hope in its own ditch. What would be the a hope or a good battle was transformed into a ditch where the conservative values are to be sank. 

Osama, one of the leaders of a clash of civilizations, has born with money and could live in the USA by spending on the licentious pleasures. By the contrary, he choose to bring renewed values from the core of Middle East to fight against a kind of natural and social erosion. From our point of view it is hard to see and say what force them to act like that and what has triggered the burst of terrorism. One thing is undoubtedly now. To understand them and carve out the way to reach peace by a perilous social integration, based pointedly on the facts that cause them to be terrorist and clean up the area. Perhaps, in the USA, such view is being brought to the horizon from now to the next campaign. 

Gabriel Raposo


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