Posted by: moeda | August 27, 2007

When the economy meets chicanery or vice versa

For nearly one century the world, at least the West, have gone through the influence of the American society, 1918-2007, mainly by the prism of the entrepreneurial culture, although the Europe has yet reared the industrial revolution and the North America have also embrace foreign movements. Entrepreneurship is a pivotal role of them, and it is based on a moral tenet, the liberty.  Such standard of them evince the quality of politics which they regard as normal or as good standards of governance as said. So far there isn’t anything new. But, as it were, when we set in motion our thinking out of the box, things change.

The USA is particular and overall in line of its so-called melting pot structure, which gives it a great confidence and character of a world inside a world, which sometimes has a backbone of nonchalance. It causes its politics to lost steam or gain power in accordance with the country they try to counteract or try to be connected with. Not to lost steam is the proposal of all government, of course. And the diplomacy towards Latin American is particularly paltry, because it falls short of what Latin world expect them to do. The development in the world is not  their accountability, the USA, but it is important to know how the poor countries would be helped, not destabilized.

The Latin American has not the same structure of tenets, like the liberty as pivotal guidance. There the main reason for a life is the development, both through the individual liberty and through the state’s entrepreneurship, without distinguishing them. The paucity of understanding to reach that principle have force the USA to lost steam inside the region, as well as some regional governments. The USA could take the opportunity, in which its market is faltering in shallow credence, exactly in the inner part of the financial market, in order to capitalize on the real economy by means of Brazil by focusing on investments in infra-structure and so forth,  pushing back the steady populism, while it is steady in the region.  

Gabriel Raposo Steinbach


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