Posted by: moeda | July 12, 2007

African Acumen, by Gabriel

July was the month when the leaders of several countries of Africa have elicited anew the idea of a pan-African union. Bred by Kwame Nkrumah, the leader of Ghana’s independence in 1957, such project have rambled through Africa across years, but clash into vanity now, in 2007. The bureaucracy of its countries together and firmly possesses the classical and sometimes perennial problems, at least in the developing world, cherished of course by its bureaucrats, a powerful gap of wages between the public sector and the private sector, as for instance Uganda which has a ration of 10 to 1, a lack of culture to run the government, as standards of efficiency and respect for the people’s desire.    

Africa has good qualities over its territory, position, clime, and the like. Yet there is those things which do under no circumstances be delayed, although it has made upswing from 1960’s to now. Remember that Africa freed from the European states by that time, period in which it has lived on the highlighted influence of them (Congress of Berlin Nov. 1884 to Feb. 1885). Now, if we consider an African Union, it has 924 million of people, 795 billion of dollars of GDP, 38% of people living in the cities, and 14% of people out of the world. Although it has a poor ratio between the GDP and the population, Africa may resolve such opprobrium rapidly, through charity business, and good standards of governance.  

Africa and its bureaucrats have fight with each other to get the jobs of the state desperately by virtue of the hunger and the poverty out of it, vg Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. An African Union may convey progress to them by organizing the society, fighting against corruption across this continental island inside every single country. If this project, however, is to be made only in order to shape a big state with useless jobs, they will be undermined by the world, and hence they could be forgotten as a humble actor, but regarded as a rogue state. That is the problem.


Gabriel Raposo Steinbach


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