Posted by: Rodrigo Fonseca | July 3, 2007

Panic takes over the UK

Two car bombings: one in London and the other at Glascow airport. Four suspects detained and interrogated. Police impose a strict surveillance over the entire United Kingdom, specially over London. It looks like it will be another period of endless tension for all those who live by the Queen.

Since the last two car bombings showed the British their Metropolitan Police are not as efficient as they supposed, Ms. Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary of the UK, set the stage for a new police action. “Our message to those who wish to destroy our way of life and freedoms is that we will not be intimidated by terror”, she said. An anti-terror scheme is now being worked out to ensure security in the UK. Some of the measures proposed by Ms. Smith are: strict traffic control, anti-bomb inspections in public and private areas and detention of those suspected of dalliance with terrorism.

Countless detectives and inspectors are currently working to find the instigator of the two attacks in the UK. By collecting nails inside of one the cars, Police were able to trace the airport bomb suspects: two men, aged 25 and 28, who were already detained in the Paisley area west of Glasgow. It was what police called a “massive investigation operation” on Paisley.

However, the British are not the only ones taking preventive measures on terrorism. Americans as well have set their alarms on. In Chicago, for instance, the International Airport is already undergoing severe inspections against explosive devices. So is Kennedy International Airport, in Manhattan. Even though another terrorist attack is most unlikely to happen in the near future, Police are doing what they can to instigate the feeling of world-wide safety.

Will those actions really prevent another terrorist attack? Or are they only a way of enforcing the so called feeling of national security? Yet, no connection was made between the car bombings and any terrorist faction, and investigators rely on little evidence. One thing is for sure: none can ascertain how long this terror will last.


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