Posted by: Rodrigo Fonseca | June 23, 2007

Unemployment & Modernization

Back in 1800, when the Industry Revolution took place in England, factories were still very rudimentary and jobs were everywhere, even for those without proper qualifications. However, as new advances in technology were conceived, employers started looking for highly skilled labourers. As operating modern machinery is not as simple a task as one might think, finding a job became extremely difficult.

The rise in unemployment is shocking and cannot be easily stopped. Never before has the world faced such a severe crisis, where even remarkably skilled professionals find it very difficult in taking up a stable position within a company. Unemployment is due to globalization and competition: the more globalized the world is, the more competitive it becomes.

We have come to a point in evolution where education is basic – companies demand more. Not only do employers look for ability, but they also keep their eyes opened to previous experience. Attitude and imagination are also well regarded when looking for a job. Last, but not least, come interactivity and team-work, both of which are eagerly sought after by “Mind-Hunters”. As a result, presenting a suitable résumé has become a challeging task.

To make matters even worse, new scientific endeavours have led into robotics. Robots are now built to literally replace men in industry and construction – thus increasing unemployment. Robotics has brought countless break-throughs in physical works, and production has soared. Competition is no longer human, for job-applicants now compete with not only men, but also machine. Nevertheless, there is still light in the end of the tunnel: even though robots are extremely swift in manufacturing devices, they cannot think. Therefore, all research still depends on human minds. This reiterates the idea that education and training are crutial to being successful.

There is still plenty available spots in large companies, for those with the proper qualification and will to work hard. New job opportunities are created every day, as new kinds of industry are developed. Globalization is not the most complicated problem, nor is it competition. The crisis of our world is finding well educated personnel, or at least, personnel educated well enough to beat a machine.

Rodrigo Machado Fonseca



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