Posted by: Rodrigo Fonseca | June 8, 2007

Words of Welcome

Words of Welcome 

Dear reader,

I am Rodrigo Fonseca, editor of the International Analyst and it gives me great pleasure in inviting you to take a closer look at our brand new blog.

There is  evidence showing us what the global economic and financial situation is undergoing many changes; some are easily seen to be beneficial, others still demand some thought. However, it requires vast knowledge and great expertise to decide whether these changes are to be taken to heart or not in the near future.

Besides providing you with the clearest analysis of World current affairs regarding economy, finance, and politics, the InternationalAnalyst Team has a focus on pointing out how the current global changes will affect our countries and consequently our lives.

Our policy has the clear goal to shed some light on the most dubious matters nowadays, allowing you to express your opinions and come up with your conclusions. By reading our blog, you will certainly become remarkably well-informed about the most discussed topics and thus much more persuasive and outgoing. Not only will you probably acquire the looks but also the fluency and accuracy of a highly educated person – having your say.

Lastly, I hope our articles and topics are clarifying and entertaining. I hope the International Analyst can help you take the right decisions whenever necessary.

Thank you very much,
Rodrigo Fonseca



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