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Updates: 22/08/2007:
Toward a Showdown in Iran, in Middle-East & Asia, USA categories

Updates: 21/08/2007:
North American Role, in The USA category

Updates: 27/07/2007:
South Korea’s Path, in Middle-East category

Updates: 12/07/2007:
African Acumen, in Africa category 

Updates: 02/07/2007:
Panic takes over the UK, in Europe category 

Updates: 27/06/2007:
The Russian Contention, in Europe category

North Korean Nuclear Threat, in Middle-East & Asia category

Updates: 23/06/2007:
Gaza’s Legacy, in Middle-East & Asia category

Unemployment and Modernization, in World category 

Updates: 21/06/2007:
China on the Spot, in Middle-East & Asia category

Updates: 20/06/2007:
Russia & the world, in Europe category 

Updates: 14/06/2007:
Notice – from the Editor, in Foreword category 

Updates: 13/06/2007:
Daniel Ortega – the Sandinista is back as president of Nicaragua, in Latin America category 

Updates: 09/06/2007:
Report on Nuclear Power, in World category

The Turkish Issue, in Middle-East & Asia category      

Updates: 07/06/2007:
Six-Day War, 40 years of tension, in Middle-East & Asia category

Updates: 05/06/2007: 
Words of Welcome, in Foreword category